Beat the Porn Block!!

An Adult Satellite Viewing Card Guide!!

Porn Block Technology is coming to your PC soon! If you are a UK broadband customer it will be compulsory unless you ask for your porn block to be removed.

Porn block is the government’s new way to try and prevent children from viewing unsuitable material which may harm their development and destroy their innocence. It is a very good idea, unless of course you want to watch porn and don’t want a porn block on your internet!

No big deal you may say, but if you ask for your porn block to be removed then not only are asking your internet broadband provider to remove your porn block, but you are also possibly putting your kids at risk as well as informing your wife, girlfriend, children, work colleagues or even your parents that you want the porn block removed. You will effectively be telling the world …  “I want to watch porn!!”

Also who knows who’s monitoring your browsing habits at work or online? You never know when big brother is watching over you. Does anyone remember the good old days of watching porn on your tv and adult satellite viewing cards?

Many people have forgotten that before the internet porn block that all the best adult entertainment was easily accessible on satellite. You may recall Red Hot Dutch, Filmnet, TV1000, TV Erotica, Sex View TV and many other enthusiast channels from the past. The good news is that there are plenty of adult satellite tv channels out there and all you need to view them is a suitable adult satellite viewing card and a cheap receiver.

In addition there are Adult Set Top Boxes which connect directly to your broadband network but are totally separate from your internet browsing  so wont be affected by your porn block. One such unit is the VIP TV Adult IPTV box which can be discretely hidden and has parental controls. With VIP TV Adult IPTV you get the option of either channel hopping or watching adult XXX movies on a video on demand basis. So you could potentially watch porn and keep your kids internet browsing safe and separate after all!!

Using an Adult Satellite Viewing Card in a receiver allows users to enjoy high definition pictures directly to their tv sets. The channels are from market leaders such as Brazzers TV, Hustler HD, Redlight HD and now Private TV where viewers can watch full length movies, rather than looking for 5 minute clips of porn online. The world of Adult Satellite Viewing Cards is an entirely different viewing experience!!

So whats available and where can you buy it? What equipment do you require?


VIP TV Adult Set Top Box


The easiest way of watching hardcore porn outside of the porn block is with a VIP TV Adult box that connects to your broadband network, either directly using an Ethernet cable or wirelessly using an optional WiFi adapter. The simply need to power the box up then connect it to a TV via HDMI or a scart. Once connected you will be able to view 40+ channels of themed HD porn or watch a movie on a video on demand basis. These units work worldwide, even in the Middle East. All you need a connection speed of at least 2.5Mbps.

The Motorola VIP TV Set Top Box is available from and a link to it is here;

VIP TV Adult Set Top Box


Alternatively Satellite Viewers can subscribe to a range of Adult Satellite Channels that transmit on Hotbird 13 Degrees East. The channels are available in Europe from a small dish, although the signal can be received in Middle East, North Africa and as far away as India and Pakistan providing you have a large enough dish.

Redlight Elite Plus Adult Satellite Viewing Card


The most popular adult satellite viewing card sold by is the Redlight Elite Plus HD Viewing Card which gives 13 channels, many in high definition including Redlight HD, Hustler HD, Private TV, Dorcel TV, Daring TV and the full channel lineup from Italian broadcaster SCT.

The Redlight Elite Plus HD Adult Satellite Viewing Card can be purchased here;

Redlight Elite Plus Adult Satellite Viewing Card

Brazzers TV Europe 12 Month Adult Satellite Viewing Card

Brazzers_tv-300x80 also sell adult satellite viewing cards for Brazzers TV Europe, one of the worlds most infamous porn providers.

The Brazzers TV Europe Adult Satellite Viewing Card can be purchased here;

Brazzers TV Europe 12 Month Adult Satellite Viewing Card

SCT 12 Month Adult Satellite Viewing Card


The SCT 8 channel adult satellite viewing card offers the full SCT Package on a single viewing card. Offered in Italy to Sky Italia customers this package is available to us brits on a very popular adult satellite viewing card, which can be purchased here;

SCT 12 Month Adult Satellite Viewing Card

Many other adult satellite viewing cards are available from as well as Satellite Receivers, Equipment, Arabic, Russian IPTV, and French, Italian and Bulgarian Satellite TV cards.

View the range of adult satellite viewing cards here; Adult Satellite Viewing Card Range




Adult Satellite Viewing Card Guide and avoid the Internet Porn Block